J’Nai Bridges Featured in New DBR Single “They Still Want To Kill Us” – Out May 27th!

J’Nai Bridges lends her voice as the featured mezzo- soprano on composer and activist Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR)’s new single “They Still Want To Kill Us”, out May 27th.

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“As an artist, I have a duty to spread awareness and knowledge and to be an ambassador for humanity. This is a piece that directly aligns with my role in the world. I have the responsibility to help people to open their minds and hearts, because in school we are just not taught a lot about the dark history of our country… the healing can’t happen until we know what we’re working with.”  — J’Nai Bridges

“At its best, opera is about telling stories. The question is which stories are going to be told. I love the notion of Black people and Black artists telling their stories, with their voices, in their words, with their people, for their audiences – and everyone else can come in, too.” — Composer, activist, violinist Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR)