Glowing Reviews for J’Nai in “Girls of the Golden West”

“Girls of the Golden West” began its run at the San Francisco Opera November 21st, 2017. Playing as Josefa Segovia, a young Mexican barmaid, J’nai received high praise from the press. Check out what the reviews are saying!

“J’Nai Bridges gave a glowing, searing performance as Josefa, who responds to the mob with serene fury.” – The New Yorker

“J’Nai Bridges brought a lush mezzo and a defiant ferocity to Josefa…” – The Wall Street Journal

“J’Nai Bridges’ Josefa goes to the gallows with exceptional grace, singing in Spanish and English her resolve to maintain dignity in a place where that needs mentioning.” – Los Angeles Times

“Josefa is beautifully sung by mezzo-soprano J’Nai Bridges.” – Berkley Daily Planet

…J’Nai Bridges, dignified and warm as Josefa Segovia…” – The Stage