J’Nai Bridges Talks Hope, Healing, and Neruda Songs with Cultural Attaché Ahead of Power to the People! Festival!

J’Nai Bridges sat down with Craig Byrd of Cultural Attaché to talk discovering Lieberson’s Neruda Songs.

Watch the full interview HERE.

"These songs give me hope. They really do. It’s not always easy being an opera singer and someone that is basically nomadic and on the road all the time. Sometimes these dark thoughts come in and I think I’m never going to find love or this world is just crumbling. But these songs really present the gift of eternal life and hope. It’s always such a blessing to sing pieces that really have such a profound effect on me. I feel changed. I really do from these poems. I just wish that I could speak to [the Liebersons] directly. But I feel that their spirit is definitely shining down and through me. I do hope that the audience also will feel some healing and a sense of hope. I think we all could use that." - J'Nai Bridges

Cultural Attaché